About Us

Vision Team is established in 2002. as full service film camera rental company, and from 6th of June 2007 we became ARRI rental partner.

We cooperate with our foreign partners in Hungary (Cam&Vision ltd, Vision Team ltd, Focus Fox kft, Kodak lab, Tivolifilms), Germany (ARRI Munich i MovieTech) and UK (Powergem, Heylight, ARRI Media London) providing consistent quality of services and equipment.




Other then equipment, we offer our clients OB van, and full postproduction services.


Our goal is to provide to all production houses the highest level of service regarding camera, light and grip rental, as well as service of our experienced stuff, studio capacities, production and postproduction work, providing the complete in-house service for our clients.


Vision Team was also involved in coproduction of many domestic as well as foreign feature films such as “Absolute 100”, “The Trap”, “Forth Man”, “Besa”, „Woman with the broken nose“, „Lumnicer Babies“, „The Sun Street Boys“, „Az Igazi Mikulas», «Kiselo Dete», «Circles»


From 2006 we started production of television shows such as “Survivor Serbia”, “Child’s play” quiz, “Questions for the champions” quiz, talk show “Never-ending talk” and “Time out”, and we were involved in many other shows such as “Who wants to be a millionaire”, “People versus…”, “Kviskoteka”, “Karaoke obračun”, “Genijalci”, “National geographic junior” quiz, Schlag Den Raab, The Road to The Stars, and many others.


We helped in projects such as Tv series „Gorki plodovi“, films „Crni Gruja“, „Jesen u mojoj ulici“, „The Tournament“ , music videos of Vlado Georgijev, Aleksandra Kovac, Aleksandra Radovic, Van Gogh, Kiki Lesandric, Ana Stanic and others

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