Moviecam SL Mk 2

Moviecam SL

Smaller and lighter than the MOVIECAM COMPACT, the modular camera MOVIECAM SL makes a great B camera for a COMPACT package or can be used as an A camera when sound is not major handicap. It uses most of the same accessories as the COMPACT.
Main Features
  • 3 Perforation movement, updated drive system with capability to change to 4-Perforation
  • New advanced viewfinder block with short eyepiece
  • New Electronics
    • Frame rate: 12-40 fps, adjustable on camera
    • Mirror shutter 45-180°, manually adjustable
  • SL shouldermag 120 m /400 ft
  • Magazine adapter(to use Compact mags with SL)
  • Compact viewfinder for SL
  • Interface cable for use of Compact speedbox with SL
  • Lightweight magazine 120 m /400 ft
  • Steadimag 120 m /400 ft
  • Lightweight magazine 300 m /1000 ft
  • Viewfinder extension with leveler
  • Viewfinder extension anamorphic with leveler
  • Movielite frameline illumination
  • Readout
  • Video assist SL/Compact CCD b/w
  • Video set Compact CCD Color CEI
  • 100% videotop (Steadicam) CCD b/w
  • Speedbox speed control unit
  • Manual control for Speedbox
  • Control box remote control with fps and footage counter
  • Focuslight Moviecam
  • DC-DC converter 24 V-12 V
  • Handle set (4 parts)
  • Bridgeplate 35mm
  • Raincover
Moviecam SL Mk2 Manual
Download (pdf, 37 KB)

Moviecam Compact Mk2 Users Guide V1.1
Download (pdf, 13.35 MB)
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