arriflex 535

An Established and Reliable 35 mm Production Camera

The ARRIFLEX 535B is a 35 mm silent production camera that combines convenience and flexibility of operation with the precision and reliability typical of ARRI products. The 535B functions equally well as a studio or location camera for sync sound shooting. It is hard-wearing and sufficiently versatile to serve as the main or even the only camera for a feature film production.

Main Features
  • Robust and functional 35 format sync sound
  • Versatile & affordable
  • Bright and modular optical viewfinder system
  • Silent operation and absolute image steadiness
  • Mechanically adjustable shutter
  • Digital frame rate selection and time code
Recording format 35 mm Film
Lens mount 54 mm PL
Contacts for LDS lenses No
Forward run 3-60 fps
Reverse run 3-60 fps
Sound level below 20 db(A)
Temperature range -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Mirror reflex shutter 180° to 15° manually adjustable
Nominal power input 24 V DC to 36 V DC
Weight body with finder 10 kg/22 lbs


Perforation Technology Brochure - PDF
Download (pdf, 630 KB)
ARRIFLEX 535B - Product Brochure PDF (english)
Download (pdf, 160 KB)

Technical Information

Time-Code-Exposure Values TCS
Download (pdf, 9 KB)
Time-Code-Aufbelichtungswerte TCS
Download (pdf, 8 KB)
The ARRI-Guide for Ground Glasses Frameglow- Format Masks
Download (pdf, 4.06 MB)


ARRIFLEX 535 Academy Award - Poster PDF
Download (pdf, 358 KB)


ARRIFLEX 535B Quick Guide
Download (pdf, 225 KB)
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