Survivor Srbija VIP: Costa Rica

kostarika3Survivor Srbija VIP: Costa Rica is the fourth season of the Serbian version of the Survivor television series, created by Vision Team production company and broadcast by Prva Srpska Televizija.

This is also the second season of VIP format and also the first season with contestants from Croatia.

VIP season of Survivor Srbija is an international co-production recorded on the Costa Rica for the first time.

In addition to Serbia, the show broadcast in Croatia (RTL Televizija), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Televizija OBN), Macedonia (Sitel televizija) and Montenegro (PRO TV).

Featuring 18 contestants (9 men and 9 women), broadcast will start on March 12, 2012.

The show is hosted by Andrija Milošević and for the first time Marijana Batinić.

Island of Dropped was again in play (in second season the name was "Ghost Island"): voted out players would be sent to Island of Dropped and participate in duels, with the winner remaining there until either the next duel or until two specific points where players were brought back into the game.

Vladimir "Vlada" Vuksanović was named the winner in the final episode on June 2, 2012, defeating Milan Gromilić, Nikola Šoć and Sebastijan Flajs with a vote of 6-5-2-0 and he won a prize of €50.000.

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