The HotHead is Egripment's top of the range remotely controlled pan and tilt head. This head gives the camera operator complete remote control of all functions of TV or Film cameras, whilst allowing him to pan and tilt through a full 360 degrees at speeds ranging between 2,5 seconds and 17 minutes. This total control offers directors, producers and cinematographers unique flexibility that satisfies the most demanding audiences. The HotHead allows your creativity to become reality. 34 channel gold sliprings guarantee broadcast quality transmission of all camera functions such as Triax, BNC, Camera power, zoom, tally, focus, iris, video assist etc.
Type:    remote
Maximum load:    70 kg / 154,3 lbs
Width:    37 cm / 1,2 ft
Height:    68 cm / 2,2 ft
Depth:    27 cm / 0,9 ft
Weight:    23 kg / 50,7 lbs
Minimal speed:    360° in 17 min
Maximum speed:    360° in 2.5 sec
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