ARCO Dolly

The ARCO Dolly is a hydraulic dolly, which is characterized by a very stable double lifting arm and a rigid base. It can be steered very easily and accurately. The driving modes "crab", "round" and "conventional" can be switched directly at the handle bar. Like this the dolly can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of the individual situation on set.
  • Variable chassis leg adjustment cam-lock chassis
  • Incorporate brakes on rear wheels
  • Compact and lightweight for travel and storage
  • Works on both straight and curved tubular track
  • Vertical arm travel
  • Variety of tires available
Max. Camera Mount Height (without Risers) 45 in 114 cm
Min. Camera Mount Height (without Risers) 16 in 40 cm
Min. Camera Mount Height with 90° plate 3 in 8 cm
Max. boom lifts (fully charged) 7 Lifts
Chassis min. length (wheels fully retracted) 34,5 in 88 cm
Min. chassis height for transportation 16 in 40 cm
Chassis width – legs at 0° position 20 in 51 cm
Chassis width – legs at 45° position 34 in 86 cm
Turn radius (R) 0 bis unendlich
Compressed air charging time (empty to full) ca. 70 Sek.
Carrying weight 326 lbs 148 kg
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