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In 2018, the tax incentive for filming in Serbia has been increased! It is now a refund of 25% on local spend.

This cash rebate is applicable on local spend for international features, TV series, animated films or co-productions, special purpose films, commercials, or documentaries.

The minimum expenditure is 300,000 euros for feature films, TV films and TV series, or 100,000 euros per episode, 150,000 euros for animated films, audio and/or visual co-production of an audiovisual works,  100,000 euros for special-purpose films and TV commercials, and 50,000 euros for documentaries. There is no project cap.

The budget for 2018 is 800 million RSD (around EUR 6,7 million or $8,2 million). The applications for incentives are to be made at Film Center Serbia, while rebates are paid by the Ministry of Economy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Costs incurred in Serbia for the production of an audiovisual work, including purchased goods and services, location costs, staff costs (for staff who are resident in Serbia), and equipment and rental costs all fall within the remit of the incentive scheme. The following costs are not covered by the scheme: marketing costs, costs relating to the purchase of land, and payments of VAT which have been, or are to be, refunded in any jurisdiction. Proof must be provided that at least 30% of the production budget is to be spent in Serbia. Significantly, the request and supporting documentation must be delivered in Serbian or with an attached certified Serbian translation.