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Tax Incentive Information

Regulation regarding financial incentives for investors to produce audiovisual works in the Republic of Serbia came into effect on 12/31/2021. In accordance with the Regulation, the incentives are allocated to the investor as non-refundable, via a 25% refund for qualified expenses incurred in the Republic of Serbia (20% for special-purpose film), in order to encourage creativity in the field of audiovisual production, encourage cultural and economic activities and increase employment related to audiovisual production in the Republic of Serbia, as well as the promotion of Serbia’s potential in this field its infrastructure, production and service related activities.

Exceptionally, provided that for realization of audiovisual work in the Republic of Serbia spent is more than EUR 5.000.000, incentives are allocated in the amount of 30% of eligible costs, all in accordance with the independent auditor’s report on the production costs of the audiovisual work in the Republic of Serbia.

The condition that the Investor has to fulfill in order to exercise the right to be awarded with incentive funds is to, for the purpose of producing an audiovisual work, allocate funds in the production budget for realization of the project in the Republic of Serbia, in an amount greater than the minimum funds for a specific format:

1) for a feature film and TV film: 300,000.00 EUR;
2) for a TV series: 150,000.00 EUR, per episode;
3) for an animated series: 150,000.00 EUR, per episode;
4) for an animated film, audio and/or visual post-production of an audiovisual work: 150,000.00 EUR;
5) for a special-purpose film: 150,000.00 EUR;
6) for a documentary film and documentary TV program: 50,000.00 EUR.

The entitlement to incentive funds can be achieved for the production of:

1) a feature film, TV film, feature-length documentary film that last at least 70 minutes and an animated film intended for broadcasting which lasts at least 5 minutes;
2) a TV series comprised of at least three episodes, under condition that each episode lasts at least 40 minutes;
3) animated series comprising of at least 10 episodes lasting at least 40 minutes in total;
4) a documentary TV program lasting at least 40 minutes.

Apart from the conditions provided under Paragraph 1, item 5) of this Article, for acquiring of the right to incentive funds for the production of a special-purpose film, it is required that its production is financed by one Investor, as well as that the realization of a special-purpose film is defined as a project under Article 2 item 6) of this Regulation.

You can download complete document with information here